Utah Department of Public Safety

Initial Course Coordinator Course, CC2022631

Date: January 27, 2023

Time: 0800-1200

Location: Webinar

This course is an initial Course Coordinator Course and will be a webinar course.
(1) An individual who wishes to certify as a course coordinator shall:
(a) Be certified as an EMS instructor;
(b) be a co-coordinator of record for one Department-approved course with a certified course coordinator;
(c) submit a written evaluation and recommendation from the course coordinator in the co-coordinated course;
(d) complete certification requirements within one year of completion of the Department’s course for new course coordinators;
(e) submit an application and pay all applicable fees;
(f) complete the Department’s course for new course coordinators;
(g) sign and submit the “Course Coordinator Contract” to the Department agreeing to abide to the standards and procedures in the then current Course Coordinator Manual; and
(h) maintain EMS instructor certification.
(2) A Course Coordinator may only coordinate courses up to the licensure level to which the course coordinator is licensed.
(3) A course coordinator shall abide by the terms of the “Course Coordinator Contract” and comply with the standards and procedures in the Course Coordinator Manual as incorporated into the “Course Coordinator Contract.”
(4) A Course Coordinator shall maintain an EMS Instructor certification and the EMS license for the level that the course coordinator is certified to coordinate. If an individual’s EMS license lapses, the Course Coordinator certification is invalid until EMS license is renewed.
** Applicants must complete the application and pay the 75.00 endorsement fee.