Utah Department of Public Safety

Renewal Training Officer Course, TO2023217

Date: February 28, 2024

Time: 1300-1400

Location: Webinar

“You must complete both an application and register for the course. This is two separate actions and both must be completed.”


This course is only for current training officers needing to renew their training officer endorsement. This course is NOT for new training officers.

In order to renew your Training Officer Endorsement, you must:

 Step 1:

To enroll, go to emslicense.utah.gov, select education, enter in the course number, and click on the course and register.

Step 2:

Go to the applications section (emslicense.utah.gov) and select the application you wish to start. Go through the application process, pay any applicable fees, and sign a new contract.

Applicants must have a current Utah EMS license and EMS Instructor Endorsement prior to approval. Once all requirements are met, your Training Officer Endorsement will be approved.

Webinar information and link will be sent the week prior to course date.


In order to complete your endorsement, you will need to ensure you have completed your application, paid your $50.00 endorsement fee, signed a new contract, and attended the renewal course.