Utah Department of Public Safety

Health Alert Network (HAN)

The Health Alert Network, or HAN, is a notification system designed to quickly distribute urgent information from public health to thousands of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and other key partners across Utah.

Utah’s HAN enables public health staff, tribal governments, health care providers, emergency workers, and others working to protect the public, to exchange information during a disease outbreak, environmental threat, natural disaster, or act of terrorism. View Previous HAN’s HERE

HAN levelDescriptionRequired action
Health alertProvides vital, time-sensitive information for a specific incident or situation; warrants immediate action or attention by health officials, laboratorians, clinicians, and members of the public; conveys the highest level of importance. Forward within 1 hour.
Health advisoryProvides important information for a specific incident or situation; contains recommendations or actionable items to be performed by public health officials, laboratorians, and/or clinicians.Forward within 24 hours.
Health updateProvides updated information regarding an incident or situation.Forward within 3 business days.

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