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Utah ELITE – EMSP’s Prehospital Reporting System

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Data Requests Resources

The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services encourages the use of our rich data set. The resources listed below serve as tools for anyone requesting output from our information systems. Links to available data dictionaries allow requestors to identify the specific data elements needed. The Data Steward is happy to assist interested parties in crafting a data request.

Helpful Links

Available Data Sets

  • Pre-Hospital
    Every emergency medical service provider is required to submit copies of all patient care reports to the department for all dispatched calls.  As of May, 2016 the pre-hospital data set includes 1.8 million records, with an average annual volume of 340,000 reports.  The department adheres to the NEMSIS data standard with no custom elements or custom values.  Additional information for software developers is published on the NEMSIS website.
  • Emergency Department
    The Office of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness has a legislative mandate to collect discharge data from every hospital in the state.  With approximately 750,000 emergency room visits per year, our data set includes information regarding diagnoses, outcomes and, payer case-mix.
  • Trauma Registry
    As a result of our inclusive trauma system, we receive trauma registry records from every licensed acute-care hospital in the state.  We adhere to the National Trauma Data Standard (NTDS) with a handful of additional data elements unique to Utah.  Hospitals are required to submit records monthly.  On average, 16,500 records are accepted into the registry annually.  At present, the database holds more than 261,000 records.
  • Professional Licensing
    The department is responsible for the licensing of Emergency Medical Services agencies and field personnel (EMT, Paramedic, etc.)  The licensure database holds information for over 130 agencies, 38 dispatch centers, and more than 12,000 distinct personnel certifications.  While not often queried for research projects, there is very tight integration between the licensure database and the pre-hospital database for the exchange of agency and field personnel demographic information.

Contact Felicia Alvarez (falvarez@utah.gov; 801-641-9164) with questions or concerns regarding the content of these pages or data requests.