Utah Department of Public Safety

Medical Direction & EMS Protocol Guidelines

Utah EMS Agency Medical Director Application

Utah EMS Medication Shortage Procedure – For emergency medication use up to six months beyond labeled expiration date.

Emergency Medical Service Provider Exposure Report Form (ERF) – Submit to the Utah Labor Commission Industrial Accidents Division

COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Guidelines– The Utah Department of Health and Human Services, Office of EMS and Preparedness established the following criteria for utilization of EMS personnel to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

Invisible Conditions– The invisible condition alert program is designed to help alert first responders to a
person’s invisible condition which may explain otherwise concerning behavior.

Utah EMS Protocol Guidelines

The Utah EMS Protocol Guidelines were developed for the Utah Office of EMS by a panel of physicians, EMS medical directors, pediatric emergency medicine specialists, paramedics, and EMTs in order to provide EMS agencies with a set of up-to-date treatment guidelines and standing orders. These guidelines were developed utilizing current best medical evidence and the expert consensus of the development panel. They incorporated information from the National Model EMS Clinical Guidelines (www.nasemso.org), feedback from the State EMS Committee, the Trauma Systems Advisory Committee, and multiple EMS medical directors and EMS providers from around the state.

2023 Utah EMS Protocol Guidelines

The use of these guidelines by individual EMS agencies is voluntary, but encouraged. Agencies may adopt them fully as written or may use them as a reference to develop their own protocols and standing orders. As more agencies throughout the state adopt similar guidelines, EMS care statewide will become more uniform, allowing for simplified on-line medical direction by receiving hospitals, simplified mutual aid between agencies and, ultimately, improved patient care.

These guidelines will be updated regularly to remain current and to reflect the most current EMS research. Your input is welcome and encouraged.

EMS would like to thank the 2023 EMS Protocol Workgroup for the countless hours they put into researching, meeting, and updating the guidelines. We are truly humbled by their compassion, dedication, and willingness to advance EMS in Utah. 

Workgroup Members:

Mark Bair, MD, RPh, FACEP
Sarah Becker, MD
Graham Brant-Zawadzki, MD
Jason Cook, NRP, CCP-C
Brett Cross, MPA, NRP, FP-C
Mark Herrera, NRP, FP-C
Hilary Hewes, MD
April Larsen, RN
Jack Meersman, BS, NRP, CACO
Greg Nelsen, PharmD
Chris Ryba, MD
Hill Stoecklein, MD
Peter Taillac, MD
Scott Youngquist, MD

For questions regarding these guidelines, please contact Mark Herrera at markherrera@utah.gov or 801-232-9138.  For EMS Medical Directors, who would like a Microsoft Word version of this document, please contact Mark.